Five Things Not To Do In A Job Interview

Congratulations! Your CV has caught the attention of the recruiter, and they call you for an interview. What you present in a job interview is crucial. It is the final stage that will help the employer decide on whether you can get the job or not. There are a lot of mistakes you can make. The following five are the most common ones.

Steer clear of these vices

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The interviewer will think that if you come late for the first time, you will continue to come to work late later. And no company wants an employee who often is late for work. Furthermore, when you come late, you will have no time to correct your clothes and may appear in front of the recruiters in a funny appearance. It is best to go about 10 or 15 minutes in advance, review all of your things including your CV, take a deep breath and wait for your name to be called.

Talking badly with your previous boss

You may have quit the previous job because of your boss but do not have the intention of talking badly about him. This action may make you come back to the state of unemployment. When being asked the question “Why did you quit your previous job?” many candidates take this occasion to tell of their boss’s mistake. You think that recruiters will care and like your stories? No, they are thinking about how to make you stop and asking you to go out.

Personal affairs

Is your child having an illness? Had you a serious argument with your husband last night? Can you not get along with your mother-in-law? Recruiters do not care about those things. Leave them behind once you step into the interview room. Recruiters want you to show your experiences, qualifications, soft skills, reasons why you want to get this job, etc. The interviewer will think that you are a person who may let personal troubles affect work and then cannot concentrate on your duties when some difficulties are arising.

Lying to increase your value

Your lies will be disclosed sooner or later, do not take risks by lying. Honesty is a characteristic that recruiters expect from candidates. If you lie on the job interview the first meeting between you and recruiters, they may think that you are a dishonest person. No company wants a dishonest employee even when he has good qualifications.

Wearing casual clothes

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hes, but the way you dress on your job interview shows how much you care about the job and the interview. If you dress well, the interviewer will think that you have invested much time and effort to gain this position and this job is really what you want. Interviewers will pay much attention to candidates with a lot of enthusiasm.…