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Five Traits To Look For When Hiring Managers


What are the criteria, by which recruiters think that the candidate is capable of handling required responsibly? Becoming a good manager demands some traits to be possessed by the person. One can learn these traits in Managerial schools. What is learned should be applied in the real scenarios. Managerial post demands a lot of attention and dedication.

Traits every manager should have

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A manager should be a team player. As we know that he is a mediator
Between superiors and subordinates, He is expected to be a team player. He should not be self-centered. He should listen to suggestions by subordinates. He should not take credit for the work done by his subordinates. Rather he should act as a helping hand to elevate their career.


One should be honest, reliable and dependable. Trust is something which is gained over the period. If the management has trust in the manager, they give freedom to work. They treat him like their asset this helps him gain confidence and respect by his subordinates. It makes the subordinates feel secure, and they also rely on and trust their manager.


The manager should be dependable. The manager has upper-level management as well as subordinates who depend on him. His subordinates need directions for achieving the goal and seniors depend on him to make the goal of the organization achieved.


The manager should be friendly. He should not be stubborn or scary for his subordinates. They should feel free to approach him for the smallest of queries they are stuck on.

Knowledgeable and motivated

Knowledge of the systems, product, industry and organization goals is the must. Then only he can work better, and others can trust him.The manager is expected to be self-motivated. He should not require others to motivate him/her. Only a self-motivated person can motivate others by standing in front of them as an example.


A Manager should possess lnckngfndkfnbkkfdnknbdnbkndkfbnknbkdnfeadership skills as in; he should have foresight and ability to lead the entire team. He s
hould be confident about his thoughts. He should be able to motivate his team by excellent public speaking skills. He should be able to make the subordinates work for him as per his instructions but not forcibly. Willingly.
Also, a good manager should be the optimistic or positive attitude towards every situation keep the morale of the organization up. The manager should always think positively and face the situations smiling. It gives support to the subordinates. He should be able to bestow the same thinking to his subordinate.

It is traits that a manager must possess. Management schools can give the theoretical knowledge about this subjects, but the experience can gain practical knowledge.