Qualities of a good employee that you need for your business


Every manager wants to find that perfect employee, the one that will help to grow the organization. This is because every organization relies on the abilities if its employees to achieve its goal. If you have managed workers before, you know that it sometimes can get complicated, There are those that you cannot manage no matter how hard you try, yet there are the ones that you want to keep forever. This means that you need to know about the qualities of a good employee that you need for your business. Apart from their academic qualifications, you have to look for those factors that make them suitable for your business. This should not be a difficult task especially if you understand what your business needs. Always look for the following attributes.


2The perfect employee is one who is passionate about your organization. They should be dedicated to the core values of the organization so that they can be part of the operations. If they are dedicated, you can be sure that they will make time to work on whatever task that you assign to them. These are people who take the organization as their own, and they will be pained when some things are not going as planned. When you find such, you can be sure that they always will submit their tasks on time, will be available for meeting whenever called upon, and they will always be available to work on extra time especially when they are urgent.

Result oriented

An employee who always has the drive to achieve results is an asset to any organization. You need these employees especially when you have tough goals to meet. They will be that source of inspiration even when you seem to get work out. With them in your group, you are sure that things will keep going no matter how tough times are. These are those workers that will have their time well planned, and they know when every task will be completed. In fact, they will remind you when you are running behind schedule, and try to help you get back to time.

Experience with your business line

3Employees that have a lot of experience in your business line are important too. Definitely, they have been doing the job for long, and they know what your organization needs. WIth them, you are sure to get suggestions about the best way to do things. They definitely have witnessed a lot of successes and failure, and they know how to navigate the waters when that time comes. Such employees require minimal supervision, and will even take time to mentor new ones. Therefore, you are sure that they will make your work easy, and productivity will be high.

You also should not let go of that employee who is always loyal. When they are always available, and they loyally take instructions, it is an indication that you have people who you can count on.They should be rewarded so as motivate them to work even more, and contribute to the growth of the organization.…

Five Things Not To Do In A Job Interview

Congratulations! Your CV has caught the attention of the recruiter, and they call you for an interview. What you present in a job interview is crucial. It is the final stage that will help the employer decide on whether you can get the job or not. There are a lot of mistakes you can make. The following five are the most common ones.

Steer clear of these vices

Coming latesdflldflldfmblmdlfbmldfmbldmlmdfblmbdldfmb

The interviewer will think that if you come late for the first time, you will continue to come to work late later. And no company wants an employee who often is late for work. Furthermore, when you come late, you will have no time to correct your clothes and may appear in front of the recruiters in a funny appearance. It is best to go about 10 or 15 minutes in advance, review all of your things including your CV, take a deep breath and wait for your name to be called.

Talking badly with your previous boss

You may have quit the previous job because of your boss but do not have the intention of talking badly about him. This action may make you come back to the state of unemployment. When being asked the question “Why did you quit your previous job?” many candidates take this occasion to tell of their boss’s mistake. You think that recruiters will care and like your stories? No, they are thinking about how to make you stop and asking you to go out.

Personal affairs

Is your child having an illness? Had you a serious argument with your husband last night? Can you not get along with your mother-in-law? Recruiters do not care about those things. Leave them behind once you step into the interview room. Recruiters want you to show your experiences, qualifications, soft skills, reasons why you want to get this job, etc. The interviewer will think that you are a person who may let personal troubles affect work and then cannot concentrate on your duties when some difficulties are arising.

Lying to increase your value

Your lies will be disclosed sooner or later, do not take risks by lying. Honesty is a characteristic that recruiters expect from candidates. If you lie on the job interview the first meeting between you and recruiters, they may think that you are a dishonest person. No company wants a dishonest employee even when he has good qualifications.

Wearing casual clothes

A personmdkmmkfmbkmdkfmbkmdfkbmkdfmbkmdfkbdkfbmkdfbmkdf should not be evaluated based on his clot
hes, but the way you dress on your job interview shows how much you care about the job and the interview. If you dress well, the interviewer will think that you have invested much time and effort to gain this position and this job is really what you want. Interviewers will pay much attention to candidates with a lot of enthusiasm.…

Five Time Management Tips for Meetings


Our modern lives are full of meetings such as work meetings, event planning meetings, and family meetings. With so little time, how can you take advantage of the benefits of having a meeting and not feel like you are wasting your time in meetings? Time management is the skill that’s needed to make sure that any meeting you plan is productive and moves things forward.

Time management tips for meetings

Spend time pre-planning the meetingmdecmwcmwdlmclmwdlcmlmwdlcmlwmdcw

If you want to have a meeting for a purpose, you have to be very clear about that purpose. Like anything in life, meetings are only effective when you have a clear goal or a clear question that will are to be addressed in the meeting. You will be saving your time, and everyone else’s when you have defined that goal before hand.

Contact those who will be involved and communicate your purpose

During your pre-planning session, identify those who can be most helpful in achieving my goal or answering questions, or those most directly involved. Make a list of these people and then send them a short, concise email with your agenda for the meeting.

Be concise

An excellent way to get to the heart of the topic and build a sense of cooperation is to begin the meeting by asking each person present to share their most critical thought about the presented subject.

Post-meeting follow-up

dfvmdkfvmkdmfvkdmfkvmdkvkdfvShortly after the meeting, send out a simple follow-up email recapping the meeting and outlining what ¬†each person’s responsibilities based off of the meeting are. This is critical to making progress on the issue or question.

Be efficient in the process

At first, you may think that pre-planning and post-meeting follow-ups take up more of my time, but the fact is that they will save my time. Each step here (except the meeting itself) should take about 10 minutes.

One last time management tip is to make sure you keep your address book or contacts list organized and up-to-date. This will be a huge help and time-saver during your pre-planning steps. You can quickly find who you would like to be involved in the meeting, and easily send out your agenda. If you need to spend a bit of time organizing your contacts, look into software programs that can maintain and clean up your lists. It’s important to remove duplicate entries to make sure you are are sending the right information to the right people.…